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This post is a tribute to my amazing childhood. The girl I was once when I was little totally had the innocent instincts which is resembling to the kid who narrates the above song  sung by Harshana Dissanayake , one of my favorite childhood singers and still now!  When I was small I was surrounded with intellectual thinking lead by my mother who reads a lot and my father who sings a lot. Most of my childhood was filled with songs like this and story books of great authors such as ' Sibil Weththasinge '. A lot of things were taught including the psychological aspects of human thinking and I guess all of those helped me to build who I am now.  No wonder why children today have become emotionless and irrational as many of them are surrounded with meaningless things such as brutal video games, killing people and being utterly competitive whilst bearing the vicious thought of winning over the other, by killing them. Even if it is a game what they get into their minds is to have thei