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Let me tell you why overthinking on your past does not help you succeed. There are actually two approaches to explaining this, where your past was good, and where your past was bad.  I'm gonna start with thinking about the good past. I was this perfect little thing when I was before my twenties. Everything in my life happened so perfectly without any downfall, I was happy all the time, didn't have any kind of feeling blues, I was always smiling, motivated and had this amazing soul. Everyone around loved me for my personality, my talents, my looks (p.s. I'm being a little narcissistic here ;)), how I saw the world, how I planned my future, and everything about me. I often faced so many praises from my social environment and I did not understand the fact of why a person gets angry, or sad. I indeed understood that people who underwent a lot of problems were forced to behave like that but I guess I never saw myself being like that ever.  Well you see I was this smart ass befor


© shutterstock Hello there! I hope you all are having an A+ time out there being with your families in these hard times. It might be so hard to stay at home without any hangouts or chill sessions but you know it is really important that you stay home in these times. Just imagine that this is a blessed period for you to break free from that monotonous lifestyle that you had before to get closer with your loved ones. If it had ever been up to you to read the novel ‘Pollyanna’ by Eleanor H. Porter, you must be well aware of the benefits of turning everything in life into happiness, more than anything.  🙂 So into the topic we go! If you read my previous posts, you must remember that in a previous post – “ ALL KINDS OF LOVE YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE ” – I stated about three kinds of love that are essential for you to have in your life. So here I am presenting out one of those kinds in detail. And that is self-love. Now loving yourself may seem really easy but trust me it can g


Some people can say that it is possible to live without love while some people can say it is impossible to live without love. The thing is, the way we interpret love is so different. One time, it can be romantic and in another time it can be parents who receive your love. When I was in my Advanced Level class, I learnt that there are two basic types of love, parental love and romantic love. That was a beautiful time where I got to learn about life through literature works. But as I grew up, I learnt those two kinds are not just enough and there are some other kinds of live that you need for your life. So let’s have a look on my interpretation of love! Self love Loving yourself. Yeah. This is so important. Only by loving yourself, you have confidence in you. You might be bullshit. But just start loving who you are because nobody is not perfect, my child! First you have to figure out who your self is. Not knowing who you are is not a right start. Now you might think,