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We all know apples always go so well with cakes. But you have to make sure to do your cake in the best possible way to get the most extreme satisfaction out of your bite from your apple cake. Let me present you the recipe for my version of the luscious apple cake! Trust me this cake is so soft and it melts in your mouth softly with a taste of rich butter cake, plus the divinity of baked apples combined with that taste of butter cake. You could eat this straight away without any kind of frosting (it's that good!!), but a touch of whipped cream gives a graceful taste. It's my belief that apples always go great with butter cake when it comes to baking them, but if you want you could invent a chocolate apple cake to treat your chocoholic soul. Or in some case you could use stewed apples with frosting, to get the good addition of fruits to your cake. Howsoever, my favourite is this one, and I am pretty confident that if you make this right, you will also love it! So let's go!!!


So in this quarantine period I tried something new, making cheese. I mean who wouldn’t want to try such an awesome and a delicious food which can never be fed up of! Actually here in Sri Lanka cheese is a bit pricey and a normal family could not afford to buy it every day. But what if they can prepare an awesome piece of cheese, which they can use in their food. So here I am sharing the recipe for mozzarella cheese. I actually studied for a bit before I made this and there were various recipes which we can make use of, in order to make cheese at home. But obviously there were small differences in them. So here I am, providing a new recipe with all the tips and tricks I have learnt while making cheese. I tried it for many times so I have included everything that I have learnt during the process. It will take a little time for you to prepare this cheese - as an estimation it took only about 20 minutes for me to prepare the cheese. Wait, what! You can make cheese in 20 minutes