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Let me tell you why overthinking on your past does not help you succeed. There are actually two approaches to explaining this, where your past was good, and where your past was bad.  I'm gonna start with thinking about the good past. I was this perfect little thing when I was before my twenties. Everything in my life happened so perfectly without any downfall, I was happy all the time, didn't have any kind of feeling blues, I was always smiling, motivated and had this amazing soul. Everyone around loved me for my personality, my talents, my looks (p.s. I'm being a little narcissistic here ;)), how I saw the world, how I planned my future, and everything about me. I often faced so many praises from my social environment and I did not understand the fact of why a person gets angry, or sad. I indeed understood that people who underwent a lot of problems were forced to behave like that but I guess I never saw myself being like that ever.  Well you see I was this smart ass befor