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It is officially the last day of a hectic year. There may have been ups and downs for all of us during most probably the most stressful year amid the Covid situation. But to be a bit optimistic with our tomorrow which is a brand-new beginning where all of us could enlighten some hope with 2021, or try to adjust to this lifestyle and yet, be happy! Here I am bringing you with some little tips; however, those maybe the most effective ways to cheer yourself up in both physical and mental wellbeing. Actually the theme highlights 2020 but these will be very significant for the year 2020 plus one. So we are on the go! Wakey wakey before 7 O’ clock! I know, it’s hard for a lot of youngsters to get their butts out of bed early in the morning (even I trouble with that ) but just try this for one day and you’ll feel that the whole day is as fresh as a pineapple!  Personally for me, waking up after maybe 8 O’clock in the morning is the beginning of ruining a beautiful day and I would feel really


We all know apples always go so well with cakes. But you have to make sure to do your cake in the best possible way to get the most extreme satisfaction out of your bite from your apple cake. Let me present you the recipe for my version of the luscious apple cake! Trust me this cake is so soft and it melts in your mouth softly with a taste of rich butter cake, plus the divinity of baked apples combined with that taste of butter cake. You could eat this straight away without any kind of frosting (it's that good!!), but a touch of whipped cream gives a graceful taste. It's my belief that apples always go great with butter cake when it comes to baking them, but if you want you could invent a chocolate apple cake to treat your chocoholic soul. Or in some case you could use stewed apples with frosting, to get the good addition of fruits to your cake. Howsoever, my favourite is this one, and I am pretty confident that if you make this right, you will also love it! So let's go!!!


Some people can say that it is possible to live without love while some people can say it is impossible to live without love. The thing is, the way we interpret love is so different. One time, it can be romantic and in another time it can be parents who receive your love. When I was in my Advanced Level class, I learnt that there are two basic types of love, parental love and romantic love. That was a beautiful time where I got to learn about life through literature works. But as I grew up, I learnt those two kinds are not just enough and there are some other kinds of live that you need for your life. So let’s have a look on my interpretation of love! Self love Loving yourself. Yeah. This is so important. Only by loving yourself, you have confidence in you. You might be bullshit. But just start loving who you are because nobody is not perfect, my child! First you have to figure out who your self is. Not knowing who you are is not a right start. Now you might think,