This post is a tribute to my amazing childhood. The girl I was once when I was little totally had the innocent instincts which is resembling to the kid who narrates the above song sung by Harshana Dissanayake, one of my favorite childhood singers and still now! 

When I was small I was surrounded with intellectual thinking lead by my mother who reads a lot and my father who sings a lot. Most of my childhood was filled with songs like this and story books of great authors such as 'Sibil Weththasinge'. A lot of things were taught including the psychological aspects of human thinking and I guess all of those helped me to build who I am now. 

No wonder why children today have become emotionless and irrational as many of them are surrounded with meaningless things such as brutal video games, killing people and being utterly competitive whilst bearing the vicious thought of winning over the other, by killing them. Even if it is a game what they get into their minds is to have their chance somehow or the other, no matter if they had to do it by killing a person. I mean when I was small and still now, I can't even think of killing an ant! 

Why I said all of these is that this song reminded me of my amazing childhood, and now people are so different from the people in the past, they actually are brutal now due to what they do in their lives... 

The song is just a simple illustration of a kid who questions the existence of everything, and with the absence of digital aids he asks for the aid of his mother's knowledge to learn. This might surprisingly be unusual to kids today since they have everything in their hands to learn about something but let me tell you what is missing there: Rational thinking.

Jumping into the meaning of the song, the kid narrator uses three symbolical images that he sees in his daily life and what is amazing is, the kid thinks to an enormous extent without any aid which makes him utterly creative. For instance, he asks his mother how can be the milk we get from a cow having red skin be white, while the grass it consumes everyday is green! He asks his mother how can be the people so religious could get into a war, even in personal scale, dealing with each other along with all the hatred, jealousy,  cupidity for everything they want to achieve in life and so on...

I believe this song puts aside some bits and pieces for each of us to think as adults about how all the wounded human interrelationships could be remedied. It literally depicts the bottom-line of all the interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship issues people have today. 

P.s. offended replies are accepted because people might think in different ways and this is my way of thinking. 🙂


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