It is officially the last day of a hectic year. There may have been ups and downs for all of us during most probably the most stressful year amid the Covid situation. But to be a bit optimistic with our tomorrow which is a brand-new beginning where all of us could enlighten some hope with 2021, or try to adjust to this lifestyle and yet, be happy! Here I am bringing you with some little tips; however, those maybe the most effective ways to cheer yourself up in both physical and mental wellbeing. Actually the theme highlights 2020 but these will be very significant for the year 2020 plus one. So we are on the go!

Wakey wakey before 7 O’ clock!

I know, it’s hard for a lot of youngsters to get their butts out of bed early in the morning (even I trouble with that) but just try this for one day and you’ll feel that the whole day is as fresh as a pineapple! Personally for me, waking up after maybe 8 O’clock in the morning is the beginning of ruining a beautiful day and I would feel really drowsy the whole time throughout the day. And you know, according to the medical researches it’s totally enough for a person to sleep from 7 to 8 hours, so always calculate your sleep and try to do it without a break at night.

Take your day in to a list

Organizing is the key to success. So why not plan each and every day so that you will reach your targeted success at the end? This is simple yet very effective. For me if I don’t plan my day, I end up routing on Insta or Youtube just lying on the bed with a load of food going into my tummy and when I go to bed at night, these weird thoughts such like questioning our existence appear in my mind. You know, your daily intake of calories, the hours of being on phone, engaging in your hobby – all these things can come up to this daily chart that you will be doing and there is no need of being stressed out or too hard on yourself after realizing that you try to achieve something.

Move your jello body for 20 minutes

Exercise! Everyday! Running, walking, Yoga, Aerobics, working out; no matter what it will do a great deal to your body. Your calorie intake should be burning out in whatever method or you will end up weak in your physical health from not so far in the future. It’s easy and not easy at the same time but if you have courage or perhaps if you try to develop it, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Pluck up some flowers

Well I know this one may not sound very productive for everyone because; just flowers. But trust me flowers can affect your positive energy because after all it’s all about nature. If you don’t like flowers or if you think it’s too girly (but I’m not trying to promote stereotypes) you can just dedicate this time to be with nature. Just plant a tree and spare some time each day to look at how it grows. Just see if you will be not happy with this. I highly doubt it.

I pluck up a posy of flowers every 2/3 days and most of them are wild flowers but I manage to find a new variety at least once a week! Makes me happy.

Eat well and healthy

Some eat too much. Some don’t, at all. But like everything else fly along a moderate path when it comes to food too. Plan your food. Try to intake more natural food like fresh veggies and fruits. I don’t think I don’t have to say more on this. 

Drink a gazillion of water

Some kids reply “water” when asked what their favorite drink is. Actually, this is really the case that should come true. Water has so many benefits including keeping digestion properly done, skin benefits, energy benefits and most importantly water is very influential to boosting your memory. If you are too sluggish to go to kitchen and grab some water, just fill in a bottle of water and finish it! That’s how I do it. 

Spread love and kindness

Knowingly or unknowingly people are really unappealing sometimes.  As I grew up I realized that people are really getting self-determined and very arrogant because they tend to spread greediness over every little thing. And the other thing is jealousy. I have observed two kinds of jealousy; one – a person hides the fact that they may be envy of another’s success, the good things that happen to them, even the fact that they are jealous if someone else is in a low key position than their own selves. In fact this is the worst kind of jealousy because we don’t even know they think in such a way. The other kind is a total pathetic one. They can’t even hide the fact that they are jealous and try to you know, discourage us. Well people have lots of reasons to be rude to others where most of them are totally non sense.

These little cases can occur in each and every day and for everyone who is reading this now, do you have to pay some fine to be nice to someone? It’s that easy and will be totally worth it because it will make you happy too. Remember, before your words be rude to someone, think a dozen of thousand times for you don’t get that many years in your life to be kind to somebody.


Finally, SMILE! Smile big and wide everyday even if you are in the biggest disaster of your life. This may not mean to literally smile but it is as in positive thinking. Just trust your gut always and think that you are worth every happiness in this world and do not fall down!

Aaand I wish you well to a new beginning full of love, happiness and kindness, and obviously many more getaways!!! Hope your new year will be even a little bit better with the simple set of ideas above!

Thank you very much for visiting this post. Hope you will arrive in 2021 too. :)


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