We all know apples always go so well with cakes. But you have to make sure to do your cake in the best possible way to get the most extreme satisfaction out of your bite from your apple cake. Let me present you the recipe for my version of the luscious apple cake! Trust me this cake is so soft and it melts in your mouth softly with a taste of rich butter cake, plus the divinity of baked apples combined with that taste of butter cake. You could eat this straight away without any kind of frosting (it's that good!!), but a touch of whipped cream gives a graceful taste. It's my belief that apples always go great with butter cake when it comes to baking them, but if you want you could invent a chocolate apple cake to treat your chocoholic soul. Or in some case you could use stewed apples with frosting, to get the good addition of fruits to your cake. Howsoever, my favourite is this one, and I am pretty confident that if you make this right, you will also love it! So let's go!!!

P.s. I am sharing the recipe for a 1 kg cake here but you could always change the measurements proportion to your need! :)

Preparation time: 1 hour and 10 minutes


1. Butter                        250 g

2. Cake flour                 250 g

3. Eggs                            4

4. Sugar                          250 g

5. Apples                        1 1/2

6. Vanilla                        2 tsp

7. Baking powder         2 tsp

8. Milk                            20 ml


Method of preparation:

1) Prepare the apples. 

Chop 1 apple into squares of 1cm x 1cm x 1cm, and slice up the other half into nice half rounded shapes.

2) Cream the butter by beating it.

3) Add the sugar - you can take granulated sugar - in 3 times, and make sure they have mixed well with butter.

Remember, don't over-beat!

4) Add the eggs one by one.

Eggs are added one by one because they need to emulsify with the fats in the mixture. So are all the liquids that we add, including milk. After each egg addition, beat the mixture only until the egg gets well combined. Do not over-beat the batter or it will not rise.

5) Add vanilla and beat only to well combine it, not more than that.

6) Afterwards, you have to stop beating and start adding the flour little by little and fold with a spatula to mix it.

Why do we need to fold the batter after adding flour, instead of beating it? Well folding does a great thing; its target is to trapping the extra air bubbles in the batter breaking them into smaller ones so that the cake will have a smooth texture.

7) Simultaneously, add the milk little by little and make sure all ingredients are well incorporated at the ultimate point before adding the apples.

Remember… Liquid ingredients; little by little.

8) Add the apple squares into the batter and mix well.

Again, don't over-mix!

9) Pour the cake batter into a pan and tap thrice to avoid air bubbles.

10) Place the half curve shaped apple pieces on the top of the cake.

11) Bake the cake for 45 minutes in 180°C.

You can take the cake out of the oven and check whether it's baked or not by pinching it with a toothpick. If it comes out clean, the cake is good to go in the out!

12) Take out the pan, and cool it before taking it out if the pan. 



- Wrap the apple pieces in a little flour to avoid sinking them to the bottom of the cake.

- This cake is tastiest with whipped cream but do not use more of it, just use a little.


Sooo... you made it! Congratulations. And next comes the best part: tasting! I've shared tons of pics of my experience in making apple cake for you to enjoy. I bet this cake will be one of the most amazing you have ever tasted. So go give it a try and make sure to keep in mind to describe your experience in the comment section. And finally, huge thanks to you who come to read my blog. I hope you will cling with us in the future too.


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