Illustration of the abandoned Babes in the Wood by Randolph Caldecott, 1879

Do you remember the Cabbage baby from ‘Round the Twist’ season 1 who was too cute to handle but also green and creepy? Well that’s a just a TV series and here is an exciting mystery that will blow your minds off! This is said to be legend or a folklore but at the same time several sources have reported this story so that it is labeled to be made out from a true story. So here we go to the story of the Green Children.

In the mid-12th Century during the reign of King Stephen of England the Green Children appeared in a small village named Woolpit in Suffolk region, seemingly out of nowhere. This village was named Woolpit which obviously the name of the village itself denotes a hint to a situation where wolves  were caught in a pit. In fact in Old English Woolpit is identical to the term ‘wulf-pytt’. So, next to this so called pit where dangerous wolves were intended to be trapped, emerged this mysterious green colored boy and girl whose clothes were made from a strange material and who acted nervous as if they saw something unfamiliar like the view they were eyeing on for the first time in their lives. They were firstly seen by certain reapers who worked in their fields during the harvest time and they were all along surprised to see two children who are completely green in skin, and who uttered some gibberish that anyone but themselves could seemingly understand.

These peculiar children were taken to town, and the local landowner Sir Richard de Calne offered to give them food and shelter in his own home. From time to time, these children refused to eat anything that they were served with but, they eventually caught their eyes on green beans grown on sir Calne’s garden and was very content to go along with consuming green beans as their only food as they had been starving for days. This circumstances did not prevail any longer than some months by cause of these children consented to consume some bread given by the landowner. Occasionally, this boy was fallen ill which ultimately led to his death. The girl continued to live in good health whereas she went through a transformation of her skin color in to the color of a normal human being due to the new diet. The girl was also educated with the knowledge to speak and write English language, and was later married to a man of King’s Lynn.

The girl revealed the long awaited story of their appearance in the new world which had completely diversified humans from them. According to her story these children had come from the land of St. Martin where everything was green and the sun never completely rose which made them live in a twilight throughout the day. The boy was this girl’s own brother and she did not recognize in her memory about the way they arrived in Woolpit although she remembered that beforehand they arrived they had been herding their father’s cattle. They soon followed their way into a cave after noticing a loud noise and suddenly found themselves in the bottom of a wolf pit.

End of the story!

You might be wondering if this was something that really happened. Were they aliens? And there are so many unanswered questions. The green skin? Well probably it must have been a cause of malnutrition which was led by the improper diet. However, in some historical reports, this story is meant to be just a legend but in some it has been put through as a real incident that happened and which came through the word of mouth. This utterly makes us wonder whether this was actually true, or was completely made out and the ultimate mystery is that!

So I hope each one of you enjoyed this little folklore – it was only provided for your entertainment and you can have whatever offensive thoughts that come to your mind after reading this. And I would love to see what you think of this in the comment section. Thanks for reading my blog!


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