So in this quarantine period I tried something new, making cheese. I mean who wouldn’t want to try such an awesome and a delicious food which can never be fed up of! Actually here in Sri Lanka cheese is a bit pricey and a normal family could not afford to buy it every day. But what if they can prepare an awesome piece of cheese, which they can use in their food. So here I am sharing the recipe for mozzarella cheese. I actually studied for a bit before I made this and there were various recipes which we can make use of, in order to make cheese at home. But obviously there were small differences in them. So here I am, providing a new recipe with all the tips and tricks I have learnt while making cheese. I tried it for many times so I have included everything that I have learnt during the process. It will take a little time for you to prepare this cheese - as an estimation it took only about 20 minutes for me to prepare the cheese. Wait, what! You can make cheese in 20 minutes?  Yes my child you obviously can, and it is as good as the store-bought mozzarella cheese. I tried it with bread, pizza and pasta and trust me, all of them came out so well and so yummy!!! Okay. Less talking, more working. I hope you will follow this recipe and make good cheese at your home. So here we go…

Preparation time: 20 minutes


1. Milk                                1ltr

2. Vinegar                          8 tbsp

3. Lukewarm water          about 1ltr

4. Ice cold water               about 500ml

Method of preparation:

1. Pour the milk in to a container, and keep it on stove over medium heat.

2. Stir the milk continuously.

If you do not stir it continuously it may get clotted.

3. Once the milk gets about a 30° c temperature, remove the container from the stove.

To make sure whether the milk has arrived at the correct temperature, you can check by putting your finger after taking a little portion of the heated milk out, and if you still can out your finger into it without burning or a pain, it has reached the correct temperature.

4. After removing from heat add the vinegar to the milk and keep stirring.

Remember to add about 2 tbsp vinegar firstly and then when the curds start to form, add all the remaining vinegar at once. When you add the vinegar, you can see curds are forming. Also, when you are making Mozzarella cheese the curds will form together to make a one large portion of curds unlike in making cream cheese where curds are separately formed.

5. As the curds keep forming, you have to collect them to one place in the container. 

Make sure you stick them to one ball as it will be helpful for you in straining. The curds are finished formed when the liquid in the container has taken a color of pale green.

6. After there is a liquid of pale green, you have to keep pressing the curd ball together.

This will be easier if you do it by a spoon. Make sure you stick the curds together to make a tight ball as much as possible.

7. Then, strain the liquid and the curds by using a napkin, or a strainer.

I used both the strainer and a napkin for straining to make sure I get every single bit of curds.

8. Squeeze the ball of cheese gently and remove excess liquid it has.

You can use a spoon for this purpose if you are just using the strainer, or you can just squeeze the cheese ball wrapped by the napkin with your hand.

9. Once you get the feeling that you have removed all the excess water in the cheese ball, transfer it to a bowl with lukewarm water.

If you want to add a salty taste on your cheese, you can add salt as per your taste preference in the bowl of lukewarm water.

10. Squeeze the cheese ball after soaking in lukewarm water.

You have to soak the cheese ball and take to your hand, then squeeze.

11. Repeat this process until the water amount becomes clear, not similar to milk in color.

The cheese becomes stretchy when you do this!

12. At the end, soak the cheese ball in ice cold water and squeeze it to remove all the water from the cheese ball.

13. Tie the cheese ball in a plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

Important to remember:

- It is very important to choose the right milk. I would recommend cow’s milk which is fresh. If you can’t find cow’s milk, fresh milk bought from store also would help but the cheese is better if you prepare it with cow’s milk. Also, remember that as much as your milk is good in freshness, the better the cheese becomes.

And the next thing to remember is to heating milk to the right temperature. It should not be under the required temperature, nor should it be above that. The first time I made mozzarella cheese, it became like curd which was more liquid-y and not stretchy. But that also worked quite as mozzarella cheese when I used it with my pizza and it was actually stretchy! That time the wrong temperature was the issue.

- Also, when straining make sure you get all the liquid out of the cheese ball as much as possible, and make sure you get all the little curd particles in to your cheese ball!

Finally, I hope I did a great job providing you the guidelines to making mozzarella cheese. Please let me know your thoughts and if there is any faulty in this recipe, or whether it should be changed in order to be improved. And don't forget to add details about how your cheese came out ultimately!


  1. I wanna try it. Thanks for sharing allt these tricks.

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you will succeed in it, and don't forget to share your experience! ♥️


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