Some people can say that it is possible to live without love while some people can say it is impossible to live without love. The thing is, the way we interpret love is so different. One time, it can be romantic and in another time it can be parents who receive your love. When I was in my Advanced Level class, I learnt that there are two basic types of love, parental love and romantic love. That was a beautiful time where I got to learn about life through literature works. But as I grew up, I learnt those two kinds are not just enough and there are some other kinds of live that you need for your life. So let’s have a look on my interpretation of love!

Self love
Loving yourself. Yeah. This is so important. Only by loving yourself, you have confidence in you. You might be bullshit. But just start loving who you are because nobody is not perfect, my child! First you have to figure out who your self is. Not knowing who you are is not a right start. Now you might think, how the hell do I do that? Well it’s super easy. Just ask yourself who you are in front of a mirror, and start asking that question from you every time you do something. Remember, even your sleeping position can tell what kind of person you are. Actually, i’m not trying to say it’s good that people always judge you. In fact, you don’t have to give a shit about what others think about you. You just have to love your definition of you! Just accept who you are and console yourself that it’s okay to be you.  And that’s only when you take winning life for granted. Give it a try and see whether it works!

Romantic love
Well this is the most beautiful thing on earth. You start to feel amazing if you have fallen in love with a person from the deepest spot of your heart. And sometimes, it can even change your whole personality. And I may say, this is one thing you need for your life to be happy. A love can start from the smallest spot where you attract to the other person by just details. It can be just how that person smiles! And from that moment onwards, a feeling starts to develop towards that person that afterwards, you will start loving everything that person is. Even if you are miles apart, the love will never be broken if it’s so strong. But bam! There could be instances where things don’t go exactly how you expect them to be. Yeah, I know that. But I’m not gonna put that into my concentration here. Let’s just limit this to only what romantic love is. You know, even though it can’t work out, there might be love in that relationship.

Parental love
So this is how you live today. It all happened because of your parents. Your eyes, hair, smile… all because of your parents. And this is quite not all thay they did. The foundation of you and who you are started with your parents. That is why they say parents are your first teachers. You can get along with your life journey alone, because once you were raised by your legs. Parents can be your mom, dad or even your siblings. Except the fact who they are, we all owe our parents so much so that we cannot pay them again! So I do not need to say start loving your parents, for sure you might love them. And that’s why you chose to read this article because a person who love for love definitely remembers to love their parents.

What you do love
What you do is what you are. So logically, it’s really obvious if you read this article from top, loving what you do is a important fact considered. To add to that, I’d say all your happiness chose to lie where you like what you are doing.Don’t’ listen to the trend, just listen to your heartbeat to choose what perfectly suits you. Others might not believe you, but I believe others’ beliefs could not do any good to you. Just imagine you are a person who loves music and you had to set aside all your longing and love for music just because careers do not match in the eyes of the society. And finally you ended up being a doctor. Trust me, everyday you would have to regret the fact that you chose your present profession. So, just think twice before quitting from what you love.

So there it goes! What love is and in what kinds we can have love. As a person who is still learning life, these are the kinds of love that came in to mind. And I think all of them need to be inserted into your life. And finally, If there are anything you would like to add to my little chapter of defining kinds of love, you are sincerely welcome  in the comments! 


  1. Just listen to your heatbeat and follow only that♥️ I love that words. But sometimes we have to think about our loving ones and adjust the things in a different way. It might be difficult but sometimes there are no options available. But looking in to it, I should say, listening to them and make them happy with our doing also one aspect of LOVE. 💟🙂 Keep up your articles. They are really interesting!

    1. I agree with you. 😊 Thank you very much for expressing your ideas and thank you for the encouragement!!! I really value this so much. ♥️

  2. This article is really inspiring. Keep up the good work..


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